Opportunity for Bead Stringers at Craft Fairs

Science Jewelry from Renegade Craft FairAlert trend watchers at TechNewsDaily have decided that “science jewelry” is ready for the big time. I’m not entirely sure that’s true, nor did the writers provide a good definition of “science” jewelry, but they did showcase some interesting and good looking jewelry from the Renegade Craft Fair in New York this weekend.

For beaders, the Renegade Craft Fair provides opportunities to showcase their work. The fair is held annually in New York, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. If you live in or near those cities, it might be a good idea to apply as a vendor.

Take a look at the type of jewelry being shown. Notice what is being shown and what isn’t. The owners appear to prefer lower cost, slightly off-beat jewelry that is referential, that is, the jewelry refers to something in nature or history. Given this tilt, it’s probably a good idea to name your jewelry.

The second opportunity is to apply to consign your jewelry to their on-line store, RenegadeHandMade. A tab on the website explains the consignment process very thoroughly. For more information on consignment structure, see “How Bead Stringers can earn money and enhance their reputations.”

Showing work at craft fairs is hard work, but it can pay off in terms of exposure and sales.





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