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Your Imagination and the New Year

Although I know that starting the New Year isn’t really a clean slate, it always feels like one, and it’s a good time to set goals and plan for a productive year. As a manufacturer of jewelry, you should have … Continue reading

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Resources for Pearl and Bead Stringers

As the holidays approach, clients may ask you advice about pearls and/or gemstones. And, although professional pearl and bead stringers typically can answer most general questions, occasionally we can be stumped. Here is a list of web resources you might … Continue reading

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New Book: How to Tell Whether Pearls are Real or Fake

I released a new book on Kindle the other describing how to determine if your pearls are real or fake. Here is a little preview. If you have any interest, the book is here.

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Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing Book Now Available

Today, I’m really pleased to announce the publication of “Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing” on Amazon’s Kindle. The illustrated Kindle book is drawn directly from the Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing DVDs, and present the three projects in the same … Continue reading

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Pearl Styles: Connecting the Dots

  Style magazine recently ran an interesting story on pearls and the style connection between those worn by Carey Mulligan in recent The Great Gatsby movie and the “funky” look associated today’s celebrities and the way they wear pearls. The … Continue reading

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Fast Facts About Pearls

The most common questions I got when I owned the gallery were about pearls. What are the classes of pearls and how are they different? What classes of pearls are more expensive? Least expensive? What affects the price of pearls? … Continue reading

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Avoid Misleading and Unethical Gemstone Descriptions

The editor-in-chief of InColor magazine, Jean Claude Michelou, recently wrote a column about the usage of the terms “precious” and “semi-precious” in describing gemstones. Although for years gemologists have been taught to avoid using the terms, the issue has resurfaced … Continue reading

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Tests for Precious Metals can Prevent Fraud

A news item drifted into my in-box confirming what many of us already knew: the price of silver is forecast to rise in 2012 and will likely top a whopping $40 an ounce before the end of the year. The … Continue reading

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Conference to Focuses on Tourmaline

The CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has announced that its third annual gemological mini-conference in May will focus on tourmaline. Tourmaline is a mineral group that includes gemstones of many colors sourced on all five continents. It is available to … Continue reading

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