Free Book on Pearls Available Today & Tomorrow

Everything you need to know about pearlsI’ve recently gotten interested in Kindle, not especially as a money-making venture, I don’t for a minute believe all the get rich quick claims marketers are making. But I do see Kindle as an extraordinary opportunity to get information out there, information that can serve your community and introduce you to others.

In any event, I put together the pamphlet showed opposite. It really is a compilation of fast facts about pearls. It’s intended as a reference guide for anyone…shopper, browser or pearl and pearl stringer who may need to have facts about pearls available.

It’s organized so the most important facts are first and covers the great categories of pearls, differences between them, pricing, quality factors, grading systems and care. I also added some myth and lore about pearls at the end of the book although these “facts” aren’t necessarily in order of importance.

The book is free today and tomorrow on Amazon. If you have any interest in this wonderful subject, please download it. I also hope you’ll take the time to review it if it has any merit. Here, again, is the link.

I enjoyed doing this. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

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