Resources for Pearl and Bead Stringers

As the holidays approach, clients may ask you advice about pearls and/or gemstones. And, although professional pearl and bead stringers typically can answer most general questions, occasionally we can be stumped. Here is a list of web resources you might be interested in that provide serious and substantive information on a variety of jewelry related topics. (Note: I’m not affiliated with any of these organizations.)

In addition, I’m making my book “Fast Facts about Pearls” free on Kindle this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, December 13 and 14. While not as technical as some guides, it’s a handy and general reference. So, download it for free one of those days.

Here is a good starting list. I’ll be adding to it as I find more resources and if there is one I’ve missed, let me know. Once I’m satisfied with the list, I’ll post it permanently on this website.

  • – A professional resource, however, not restricted. Offers very solid and up-to-date information on pearls. An excellent discussion forum.
  • – A rich, marvelous site dedicated to antique jewelry. Includes articles, videos, reference sites, images, etc., etc. A go-to site for questions about antique jewelry.
  • – The website for retail jewelers. Offers a number of buying tips and general information on finished goods. Tilted commercially, but worth looking at.
  • – Antique jewelry. Site contains an excellent glossary of terms and a list of reference sites.
  • – Founded by Charles Lawton-Brain, a jewelry artist who invented fold forming, the ganoksin project is dedicated to professional jewelers and hobbyists. This rich site contains articles and videos from some of the most well regarded jewelry makers in the world. In addition, numerous forums are available for questions and answers. Maintains jewelry galleries which are worth browsing.
  • – “Bridges” the gap between the layman and the professional. Only real issue I have with it is that it presents gemstones as “precious” and “semi-precious,” a misleading distinction.

There are many other fine jewelry-related sites. This is just a start, but I think a good one. I’ll be adding to it and if you have one you like, please use the contact form to send it along to me.


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