Seasonal Risks to Gemstones

Antoinette Matlins, the author of Jewelry & Gems, the Buying Guide, has written a very helpful article describing the risks to jewelry posed by summer activities. Below are her tips along with some comments of my own.

These may be helpful to you for your own collection or as advice to pass on to clients.

  • Don’t wear good jewelry in chlorinated swimming pools. Chlorination can damage the surface of gemstones including pearls. It can also remove the polish from stone such as turquoise and malachite. Chlorination can also attack the alloys in metal.
  • Don’t wear rings in cold water. Cold water can cause the fingers to shrink temporarily. When this happens, rings can be lost.
  • Mountings are at risk during active sports. If mountings are loose, they are at risk during active sports such as tennis. Check mountings by putting the piece up to your ear and shaking it. If you hear any noise, the mounting is loose. Prongs may need to be tightened, strengthened or replaced.
  • Don’t wear fine jewelry while gardening.Gold and platinum can be scratched. Diamonds can be chipped. Even if you’re wearing gloves, the best advice is to remove your rings.





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