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Price and Value Tension

(Note: Yesterday I rather casually tossed off a suggestion to beaders that was criticized by one artist. In the following, I hope to clarity my thinking and meaning.) Beading, the technique of using complex stitches and tiny seed beads to … Continue reading

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Beading and Value

Artfix Daily has posted a terrific column about the upcoming Fine Craft Show at the Brooklyn Museum, November 22-23. Although the article is ostensibly about the show, its real value is that it briefly reviews the work of some of … Continue reading

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Beading and Pearl and Bead Stringing

Pearl and bead stringing is a niche in the jewelry making trade. So, too, is beading. This can lead to some confusion because although they are distinct niches, the terms are often used interchangeably. Beading refers to jewelry that is … Continue reading

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