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Looking at Other Work

Jewelry designer, Emily Maynard, is receiving attention for her “transformation of flea market beads into eye-catching earrings or reinvigorating an estate sale necklace with a blingy brooch turned pendent.” Recycled jewelry does have some cache, but the use of a … Continue reading

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Clasps Important Manufacturing and Design Element

An article from a beading magazine this morning focused on the importance of clasp in bracelet manufacture. While the author did remind readers that a sturdy, well-made clasp is far preferable to its opposite and provided some tips on what … Continue reading

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Key Concept for Making Jewelry

There are some tools and concepts that all jewelry makers, including pearl and bead stringers, should be familiar with. One of these is the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The Mohs scale is named for Frederick Mohs, a German geologist, … Continue reading

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Galatea: Rising Star in Gemstone and Bead Design

As professional bead stringers, we are often asked about specific designers and trends in design. While it’s impossible–at least for me–to know the work of every prominent designer, we do have the obligation to be alert to designers whose work … Continue reading

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