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Your Imagination and the New Year

Although I know that starting the New Year isn’t really a clean slate, it always feels like one, and it’s a good time to set goals and plan for a productive year. As a manufacturer of jewelry, you should have … Continue reading

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Resources for Pearl and Bead Stringers

As the holidays approach, clients may ask you advice about pearls and/or gemstones. And, although professional pearl and bead stringers typically can answer most general questions, occasionally we can be stumped. Here is a list of web resources you might … Continue reading

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You’re a Designer? Show them!

One of the Google alerts I’ve set for my g-mail account is “designer jewelry.” Frankly, I don’t pore over these entries, but there are a few design contests I look at and occasionally, a headline will capture my attention. Today … Continue reading

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Beading and Value

Artfix Daily has posted a terrific column about the upcoming Fine Craft Show at the Brooklyn Museum, November 22-23. Although the article is ostensibly about the show, its real value is that it briefly reviews the work of some of … Continue reading

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Beautiful Minimal Jewelry Design

We’ve all been places with people who will exclaim, “I like that” or conversely “I don’t like that.” But going a little further and asking why some things appeal while others don’t is so helpful in learning about design and … Continue reading

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Stepping Out of Your Niche to Achieve Your Design Objectives

When I ran the gallery, I represented artists who worked in a variety of mediums, precious metals and gemstones, aluminum, resin, even one who produced really striking jewelry using the pages of comic books. For every one artist I represented … Continue reading

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Versatility of Pearl and Bead Stringing

A recent catalog from Gump’s, the wonderful San Francisco store, illustrated some of the new jewelry the store is offering. In looking at the images, I realized they’re a marvelous example of just how versatile pearl and bead stringing can … Continue reading

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Crimps Ruin this Necklace Design

I named this little company “Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing” for a reason. I wanted to distinguish it from other types of pearl and bead stringing, specifically the all-too-widespread practice of teaching one technique, such as using crimps, and then … Continue reading

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Fringes in Jewelry Design

Professional Jeweller, a British trade publication, reports that “fringing,” the practice of adding chain and other materials to clothing in the style of the 1920s flapper dress has “filtered” through the fashion houses to be “embraced” by jewelry designers. Although … Continue reading

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Jewelry Design Key Issue in New Competition

I recently stumbled across an interesting contest, sponsored by JCK, that illustrates the issues all jewelry designers, including pearl and bead stringers, must wrestle with every day. Those issues are design and whether your tools are adequate for executing the … Continue reading

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