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Substandard Advice from Influential Jewelry Making Journal

MSJA Journal is one of the major go-to journals for bench jewelers. A trade publication, MSJA consistently produces high quality articles on metal techniques and technologies, casting, design and bench work. The magazine also provides its readership with information on … Continue reading

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Has Jewelry Become Irrelevant?

 As we begin 2014 and confront the myriad problems facing the nation, anxiety over health care, joblessness, the government’s apparent inability to do anything but blunder around in a flaccid economy, and so on and on, it’s hard to escape … Continue reading

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Using Wire In Making Jewelry

A few weeks ago, I released a new DVD demonstrating how to work with wire to make jewelry. I want to emphasize that I am in no way changing my focus. Knowing how to work with wire is, I believe, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Minimal Jewelry Design

We’ve all been places with people who will exclaim, “I like that” or conversely “I don’t like that.” But going a little further and asking why some things appeal while others don’t is so helpful in learning about design and … Continue reading

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Beading and Pearl and Bead Stringing

Pearl and bead stringing is a niche in the jewelry making trade. So, too, is beading. This can lead to some confusion because although they are distinct niches, the terms are often used interchangeably. Beading refers to jewelry that is … Continue reading

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