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Technology and Organic Gemstones: An Uneasy Marriage?

I’m all for new technology. I may be dating myself, but when I went to graduate school, I was considered lucky because I owned an electric typewriter. Obviously, I don’t embrace all the new systems and platforms available to us…who … Continue reading

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New Book: How to Tell Whether Pearls are Real or Fake

I released a new book on Kindle the other describing how to determine if your pearls are real or fake. Here is a little preview. If you have any interest, the book is here.

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Pearls Needing Attention

I’ve been working on a little book that will help enable the reader to use non-destructive at home tests to determine whether their pearls are real or fake. To illustrate the book, I pulled out some of my round pearls … Continue reading

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Pearl Styles: Connecting the Dots

  Style magazine recently ran an interesting story on pearls and the style connection between those worn by Carey Mulligan in recent The Great Gatsby movie and the “funky” look associated today’s celebrities and the way they wear pearls. The … Continue reading

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Small Gestures That Can Have Meaning

One of the more charming ways people pay homage to others is in the clothes and accessories they wear. This can be a helpful thought to bear in mind for a couple of reasons. When I ran the gallery I … Continue reading

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Stepping Out of Your Niche to Achieve Your Design Objectives

When I ran the gallery, I represented artists who worked in a variety of mediums, precious metals and gemstones, aluminum, resin, even one who produced really striking jewelry using the pages of comic books. For every one artist I represented … Continue reading

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Star Trivia: Pearls, Gold and Gemstones

Here are a couple of pieces of jewelry trivia I came across this morning. Marilyn’s Mikimoto Pearls: According to Meyer Hoffman, chief operating officer of Mikimoto America, Marilyn Monroe actually owned very few pieces of “real jewelry.” One such piece … Continue reading

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Lots of Pearls, No Kokoshniki

By the end of the year, jewelry lovers will be treated to two period pieces which rely upon sumptuous jewelry for atmosphere and detail. The first is a remake of “The Great Gatsby” which will feature designs by Tiffany. If … Continue reading

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Cambridge Scientists Create Artificial Mother-of-Pearl

For the first time, scientists have created a material that mimics mother-of-pearl in structure, mechanical behavior and optical appearance. Nacre, also called mother of pearl, is the iridescent coating that is found on the inside of some molluscs and on … Continue reading

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Pearls: New Role in Combating Cancer

Pearl and bead stringers will be interested to know that recent news from India suggests that pearls may play a role in treating cancer. Ajai Kumar Sonkar at the Pearl Aquaculture Research Foundation in India analyzed the micro-nutrients in several … Continue reading

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