New Service for Pearl Stringers

In today’s unhealthy economy, retailers and wholesalers are trying out new services and products. One, announced today by Oriental Pearls, may be a welcome service for pearl and bead stringers without access to pearl drilling equipment.

The company is offering to drill pearls to the buyer’s specifications. Typically, the pearl drill hole is 0.7 mm. Oriental Pearls is offering to drill various sizes, from 1mm, 1.5mm to 2mm or even 2.5mm. This should be particularly helpful for manufacturers who wish to use larger sized materials, such as ribbons, in their designs.

In addition, the company will drill the pearl in any direction the client specifies: top-drilled, center-drilled, diagonally or side-drilled. The company will also half-drill pearls.

The one caveat might be that you have to buy the pearls you want drilled from the company which is not an unreasonable condition. The company lists a telephone number on the site so you can contact them directly with questions.

I haven’t done business with Oriental Pearls, but I looked at their website very carefully and would consider buying from them if the need arose.

The service could be extremely helpful to those without access to drilling equipment or who may be paying a higher cost to have pearls drilled.

Worth a look.


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