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Welcome! This site is dedicated to those who want to make jewelry using professional pearl and bead stringing techniques. Our teaching products are for people who want to learn the best and most professional methods of making jewelry using pearl and bead stringing. We are not for people who learn one technique, such as crimping, and stop there.

Please explore the site for more information about our products and our Resources and Articles section for valuable jewelry making and jewelry design information.

Below is a short, one minute video showing the types of jewelry you’ll be able to make after taking the Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing courses.

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Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing Products

Our teaching products currently include four DVDs and two Supply Kits, including the iconic “Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing” instructional DVD.

DVDFINAL_edited-1Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing: Our best seller, the highly praised “Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing” DVD.

We recently compressed the original two-volume DVD set “Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing” into a single affordable DVD. With 19 short chapters and ALL the key information and demonstrations included in the original two-volume set, the DVD provides the foundational skills and information necessary to begin stringing pearls and beads professionally.

Hundreds of students have taken this course and to read a sample of their testimonials, click in the “Testimonials” link in the toolbar. For a brief description of the DVD and all our products, click here. For a detailed description, click here.

This DVD ships with the “Special Knots and Materials” DVD as a bonus. See below for a description of this DVD.


Special Knots and MaterialsSpecial Knots & Materials: Professional Pearl and Bead Stringers are often called upon to incorporate advanced knots into their work. This DVD demonstrates the most common of these knots. In addition, the DVD  includes a lengthy chapter outlining the special materials that can be used to increase the durability of your work. This information is NOT available anywhere else. “Special Knots and Materials” is available as a stand-alone or available as a bonus when you buy the “Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing” DVD. For a brief description of the DVD contents, click here. For a detailed description, click here.


Wire JewelryWorking with Wire DVD: Professional pearl and bead stringers are often called upon to make companion pieces for clients including earrings, findings and clasps. This DVD demonstrates the key concepts needed to understand working with competently and then moves from beginner to the more advanced techniques of using wire to make jewelry. To see a sample chapter from this video, click here. For a brief description of the contents, click here.  For a more detailed description, click here.

Advanced Professional Pearl and Bead StringingAdvanced Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing:
The stand alone “Advanced Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing” DVD includes demonstrations of the advanced techniques you will need to diversify your jewelry making capabilities. Techniques include double knotting, using the French wire, endless necklaces, adding thread to compensate for mistakes, torsades, and more. The DVD assumes the user has basic pearl and bead stringing skills. For a brief description of the DVD, click here. For a more detailed description, click here.

For Greatest Savings, Buy All Four Learning DVDs for One Low Price

Four Volume DVD SetFor greatest savings and for access to what are the best pearl and bead stringing and wire working instructional materials available today, buy all four for one low price. Explore the contents of the DVDs and then check our pricing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Supply Kits

Jewelry Making Supply KitProfessional Pearl & Bead Stringing Supply Kit: To jump start skill development, we’ve developed a Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing Supply Kit which provides all the equipment you’ll need to get started, including the full set of DVDs. Do NOT confuse this product with others who have picked up our name. We believe this is the best kit assembled to easily teach beginners – through step-by-step tutorials — to develop the professional skills required in this niche. For a brief description, click here. For detailed information, click here. 


Making JewleryWorking with Wire Supply Kit: Learning how to work with wire is not hard, but there is a learning curve. To jump start that, we’ve developed a Working with Wire Supply kit which provides you with the tools and materials to first practice and then to complete a necklace and two pairs of earrings using the basic techniques taught in the video. All wire, chain, beads and ear wires are contained in this inexpensive supply kit. To learn more about the DVD and Supply Kit, click here.

To see a sample chapter in the DVD, click here.

 Hundreds of students have taken and benefited from our courses. We are proud of them and have received wonderful feedback. To read more testimonials, click here and be sure to scroll down on this page.

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Articles and Resources

Technique is obviously foundational, but the professional pearl and bead stringer typically plays the role of counselor with clients.

Clients want to know how to store jewelry, clean jewelry and take care of jewelry. Clients also will ask questions about gemstones, pearls, designers, trends in the industry, fair trade issues and many more. The Articles and Resources section of the website is dedicated to these questions and many more including selling tips, approaching galleries and others. Not every article will be relevant for your niche, and we don’t want to suggest they are, but they should serve as a rich resource and reference and we hope you will find them valuable.

Testimonial and Review of Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing Course

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