Fast Facts About Pearls, II

How to Determine if pearls are real or fake with simple at home tests.Fast Facts about Pearls, II: How to Determine if Pearls are Real or Fake with Simple At Home Tests provides 12 simple at home tests to determine if your pearls are real or fake. Although destructive tests are described, the emphasis is on non-destructive tests. Self-tests are included as a check on knowledge. In addition, basic gemological information is provided to maximize test effectiveness. Click here to see the book on Kindle.

Fast Facts About Pearls

Everything you need to know about pearlsIntended as a quick guide on the various classes of pearls and their unique quality factors, Fast Facts about Pearls is an easily accessible reference for buyers. The book contains all critical information on the different types of pearls, their sources and how to identify them presented in an easily digestible format. It also contains a section on the myths and lore associated with the gemstone. Click here to see more.



Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing Book

Professional Pearl and Bead StringingBased upon Volumes I and II of the Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing DVDs, the book presents all three projects with illustrations so the reader can easily follow the step-by-step instructions. Provides a complete list of materials and sources. The book also contains the critical information necessary for the beginner to easily and confidently buy materials and understand trade terminology. To learn more, click here.

Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing On-Demand at Udemy

Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing jewelry making course

Udemy cover image for Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing jewelry making course.

The Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing course is now available on demand at Udemy, the on-line learning academy.  The popular course, for goldsmiths, jewelry designers and serious amateurs who want or need to know how to string pearls and beads professionally, consists of 23 lectures and more than two hours of content and is very similar to the Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing DVDs.

Udemy is an on-line learning platform with more than 2 million students. The platform provides students with life-time access to courses and is iPhone, iPad and Android accessible. Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing is available on Udemy at for $39. For a description of the difference between the DVDs and Udemy, click here.