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Protect Yourself & Your Client

A young relative of mine became engaged recently. Her mother, my sister, gave her an eternity band which had belonged to her husband’s mother. I’m not trying to confuse you with relatives. I looked at the ring years ago under … Continue reading

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Pearl & Bead Stringing Critical Niche in Jewlery Making Industry

I made a brief video outlining my objections to a recent article in an influential trade publication that offered subpar advice to its readership. Pearl and bead stringing is a critical niche in the jewelry making trade, just as stone … Continue reading

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Customer Question: Why Buy From You?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from someone who inquired whether the DVDs taught her anything she didn’t already know or anything that wasn’t already freely available on youtube. The question is a good one, although obviously … Continue reading

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Beading and Pearl and Bead Stringing

Pearl and bead stringing is a niche in the jewelry making trade. So, too, is beading. This can lead to some confusion because although they are distinct niches, the terms are often used interchangeably. Beading refers to jewelry that is … Continue reading

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French Wire: Aesthetic or Functional Issue in Jewelry Manufacture

I recently had an interesting discussion with a woman on a pearl and bead stringing forum about the benefits of French wire.  She was responding to a quick post I had made suggesting I’m not a big fan of French … Continue reading

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