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Pearl & Bead Stringing Critical Niche in Jewlery Making Industry

I made a brief video outlining my objections to a recent article in an influential trade publication that offered subpar advice to its readership. Pearl and bead stringing is a critical niche in the jewelry making trade, just as stone … Continue reading

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Has Jewelry Become Irrelevant?

 As we begin 2014 and confront the myriad problems facing the nation, anxiety over health care, joblessness, the government’s apparent inability to do anything but blunder around in a flaccid economy, and so on and on, it’s hard to escape … Continue reading

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Crimps Ruin this Necklace Design

I named this little company “Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing” for a reason. I wanted to distinguish it from other types of pearl and bead stringing, specifically the all-too-widespread practice of teaching one technique, such as using crimps, and then … Continue reading

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