Technology and Organic Gemstones: An Uneasy Marriage?

Technology and Organic GemstonesI’m all for new technology. I may be dating myself, but when I went to graduate school, I was considered lucky because I owned an electric typewriter.

Obviously, I don’t embrace all the new systems and platforms available to us…who can? But I use some and I enjoy them.

The above is by way of saying I don’t have a knee jerk negative reaction to new technologies…at least I don’t think I do.

Still, I’m a little confused about what to make of Galatea’s new line of “Momento” jewelry products which imbed NFC (Near Field Communications) technology in cultured pearls. This allows a user to “create a tailored voice message that can be played when the pearl is tapped against a compatible mobile device. The smart jewelry also stores digital content…images, messages and videos.”

OK. So if I understand this correctly, the giver of the jewelry (or the owner) records a message or some kind of communication which is accessed by tapping the pearl to a NFC-enabled device such as a mobile phone. The user then listens to the message, views the images or listens to the tape.

But why would you want to listen to private messages when you’re wearing jewelry in a public venue? (That is, I usually wear jewelry when I’m dressed up and going someplace or meeting people, certainly not when I’m working around the house or slopped on the couch. I think this is generally true of most of us.)

Also, a ring can easily tap a mobile device, a pendant and earrings cannot. So, unless you’re wearing a pendant on a long, long chain, you have to either take off the necklace to tap the device or bring the device awkwardly to your collar. A similar issue obtains with earrings.

Finally, and this may be a little old fashioned, but pearls are a member of the group of gemstones we call “organic.” (Organic gemstones also include amber, coral, jet and ivory.) The distinction we make between other gemstones and organics is that they result from biological processes. So, to me, the marriage of a gemstone we love because of its organic beauty and modern communications technology seems a little odd because it changes the nature of the gemstone.

I admit, I may be missing something…Below is a video from Galatea describing the Momento line. See for yourself.

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