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Natural Pearls & Jewelry Designers

I was reviewing my gmail account today for various notifications and a number of pre-Christmas articles reminded me of one of my pet peeves. Jewelry designers are always hungry for publicity and rightly so. After all, we can’t evaluate, search … Continue reading

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Technology and Organic Gemstones: An Uneasy Marriage?

I’m all for new technology. I may be dating myself, but when I went to graduate school, I was considered lucky because I owned an electric typewriter. Obviously, I don’t embrace all the new systems and platforms available to us…who … Continue reading

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A Happy Ending

More than once I’ve mentioned that one of the reasons for my continued fascination with jewelry is the history that can be associated with it. Here is a present-day story involving an important antique brooch with a happy ending. It’s … Continue reading

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Destructive Pearl Tests

I’ve been working on another project that involves destructive pearl tests. I thought you might be interested in the results of this test, but I don’t recommend doing it.

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New Book: How to Tell Whether Pearls are Real or Fake

I released a new book on Kindle the other describing how to determine if your pearls are real or fake. Here is a little preview. If you have any interest, the book is here.

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Pearls Needing Attention

I’ve been working on a little book that will help enable the reader to use non-destructive at home tests to determine whether their pearls are real or fake. To illustrate the book, I pulled out some of my round pearls … Continue reading

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Pearl of the Orient

  I’ve been working on a project recently where I came across the image posted here.I’m always interested in the history of jewelry and I have a specific interest in pearls, so to me, the image was arresting. So, I … Continue reading

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Pearl Styles: Connecting the Dots

  Style magazine recently ran an interesting story on pearls and the style connection between those worn by Carey Mulligan in recent The Great Gatsby movie and the “funky” look associated today’s celebrities and the way they wear pearls. The … Continue reading

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New Sustainable Practice for Tahitian Pearls?

  The National Geographic has just produced a marvelous essay about a farm in French Polynesia that is incorporating “sustainable” practices into its pearl farming. Josh Humbert, owner of Kamoka Pearl farm, didn’t start with a goal of developing a … Continue reading

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Gemology Giant on Pearl Stringers

As many of you know, G. Frederick Kunz was one of the most influential gemologists of the 19th and 20th centuries. Among his many achievements, he and his friend Charles Hugh Stevenson wrote “The Book of the Pearl, the History, … Continue reading

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