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Know Your Materials

Rob Bates, the news director of JCK, a leading trade publication recently wrote an article entitled “Jewelry is About Craft. We should tell Consumers.” His point is that manufacturers should take the time to tell retailers what goes into the … Continue reading

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Beading and Value

Artfix Daily has posted a terrific column about the upcoming Fine Craft Show at the Brooklyn Museum, November 22-23. Although the article is ostensibly about the show, its real value is that it briefly reviews the work of some of … Continue reading

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Avoid Misleading and Unethical Gemstone Descriptions

The editor-in-chief of InColor magazine, Jean Claude Michelou, recently wrote a column about the usage of the terms “precious” and “semi-precious” in describing gemstones. Although for years gemologists have been taught to avoid using the terms, the issue has resurfaced … Continue reading

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Synthetic vs Simulant: Know the Difference

Professional Jeweller, a UK trade publication, recently ran a story noting the increase in colored synthetic  gemstones that are impacting what it calls the “mid-market,” that is, commercially priced jewelry. It’s no surprise that the trade is seeing an increase … Continue reading

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Pearl and Bead Stringers: Be Wary of Bad Advice from “Experts”

The internet is wonderful for so much. However, and this is a big however, the publishing freedom it provides means that there is an awful lot of advice out there that is not only wrong, but destructive. I came across … Continue reading

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Key Concept for Making Jewelry

There are some tools and concepts that all jewelry makers, including pearl and bead stringers, should be familiar with. One of these is the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The Mohs scale is named for Frederick Mohs, a German geologist, … Continue reading

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Sales Tests Imposed by Clients

Years ago a first time client asked me to identify the green gemstone she was wearing. When she asked, she was considering buying an ivory necklace–legal back then–from me. Whether or not she consciously framed it in this way to … Continue reading

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Will We See Newly Discovered Indian Treasures?

An intriguing controversy over a $22 billion archeological find in India is playing itself out now in that country. For those of us who are fascinated by jewelry and gemstones, their history, sources, and design drivers, I would suggest we … Continue reading

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Bead Stringers Seeing Blue

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Seasonal Risks to Gemstones

Antoinette Matlins, the author of Jewelry & Gems, the Buying Guide, has written a very helpful article describing the risks to jewelry posed by summer activities. Below are her tips along with some comments of my own. These may be … Continue reading

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